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Sewing Machine
Model Number : 2591AD-L
Introducing our 3rd Generation Direct Drive High Speed Lockstitch machine 2591AD-L.
This high performance machine is durable and reliable in terms of construction, design and components used.
Equipped with built-in Direct-Drive Motor, the transfer of motor power is smoother without any energy loss, thus saves on electricity consumption up
to 70%. The end result is less noise, less vibration, reducing operator’s fatigue over long hours use.
Model Number : 2591D200AD
Model Number : 2591D300AD
Model Number : 2591D508DW

Introducing our new Single Needle Heavy Duty All-in Direct Drive Lockstitch Machine - 2591D508DW. Equipped with top and bottom feed system, ideal for heavy weight materials, heavy clothings, canvas, light leather, cushion sofa, bags, thick curtain materials & etc.

It comes complete with built-in Direct-drive Servo Motor, which realizes quick starting and accurate stopping of the machine while enjoying savings of up to 70% on electricity bill.

Sewing Machine
Model Number : 2591D611CF

Introducing a new Heavy Duty Long Arm Compound Feed Direct Drive Lockstitch Machine model 2591D611CF.

This machine is specially designed for heavy duty materials. Equipped with a powerful feeding system, higher presser foot lift (16mm), longer stitch length (9mm) and sturdy mechanism, it can easily handle larger piece of thick materials.