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Sewing Workshop



  1. Baju Kurung / Kurung Moden.
  2. Childrens' dress.
  3. Dress / Pants.

Fees for the course:-

  1. RM300.00 for 12 hours.
  2. Additional hours for the course: RM150.00 for another 6 hours (minimum).

Terms and Conditions:-

  1. Participants can choose any of the courses or complete all the 3 courses within the 12 hours period allocated to them for the same fee of RM300
  2. If additional hours are required, a fee of RM150.00 for the next 6 hours (minimum hours required) is chargeable.
  3. Participants need to complete the first project before proceeding  onto the next one.
  4. The fees for the courses are only for learning how to sew the projects and do not include sewing materials.
  5. Participants are required to bring their own sewing materials such as cloth, threads, scissors, stabilizers, pencil, etc.
  6. SINGER will provide sewing machines for sewing only.

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For further enquiries, please contact:

Contact Person: Doreen Ng
: 603 - 7985 9150
Contact Person Azura Zakaria
: 603 - 7985 9197 
Fax No: 603 - 7985 9015