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Model Number : HGT217J
For the most basic set-up or for your wet kitchen, this durable yet affordable Singer gas cooker is the perfect complement that makes cooking a pleasurable experience.
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Auto ignition
  • For LPG use only


  1. Stainless steel body provides impact resistance like rusty & dent
  2. Detachable enamel trivet for easy cleaning. Just remove them and wash with warm water
  3. 140mm Jet burner head maximize heat compare to normal burners thus saving of around 25% on LPG. Stronger flame makes cooking faster ~ Save time
  4. Auto ignition ~ convenience for usage.
  5. 2-Burners stove enable to cook 2 cooking at the same time.
  • With its durable quality and energy saving features, it benefits the end user in long run.
  • The Jet burner head is more powerful when compare to normal burner head due to the jet flame direct heats our cooking appliances thus increases efficiency and save gas up to 25%.
  • Enamel Trivet (2 pcs)
  • 140mm x 140mm 7 Jet Burner Head