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Model Number : GH201G
For the most basic set-up for your kitchen built-in cabinet, this durable yet stylish Singer gas hob is the perfect complements the décor of your kitchen.
  1. The glass surface is smooth and is extremely easy to clean so any spills on the surface is easily wipe off. Therefore the maintenance and cleanliness of glass surface is easier and more convenient for user.
  2. Gas hob generate lesser heat in the kitchen compare to electric stove.
  3. Battery operated ignition ~ convenience for user.
  4. Using gas is a cheaper source of energy compare to electric stove
  1. Stylish and modern look will definitely the perfect compliment to the décor of your kitchen
  2. Easy to clean than a conventional gas hob
  3. Easy to control heat and good overall heat distribution than electric hob or induction cooker

The heat distribution is better when compare to electric hob or induction cooker that may require flat base cooking appliances for even distribution of heat or maximum contact with coils. Whereas the gas hob does not require anything like that due to heat being generated by a flame which deforms according to the pan putting on it.
  • High Quality Tempered Glass (Black)
  • Enamel Trivet (2 pcs)
  • 120mm x 120mm Cast Iron Burner Head
  • Battery Operated ignition
  • For LPG use only
  • Product Dimension: 750 x 440 x 135 mm
  • Weight: 13.25 Kg
  • Built-in Dimension: 630 x 345 mm