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32" LED Backlight HD Ready TV with DVB-T2
Model Number : TLE327
West Malaysia : RCP RM1,095
East Malaysia : RCP RM1,310
Enjoy greater level of entertainment realism in the comfort of your home! 
40” LED Backlight Full HD TV with DVB-T2 (Model:TLE401)
Model Number : TLE401
West Malaysia : RCP RM1,695
East Malaysia : RCP RM1,940

Enjoy cinematic reality with your special ones through the upgraded 40” Full HD TV. Model TLE401  comes with  Digital Tuner (DVB-T2),  5 Star Energy Efficiency  Rating, one  USB port (music / photo / movie), two HDMI Inputs (Input 1 with MHL) and one AV Input.


43" LED Backlight Full HD TV
Model Number : TLE431
West Malaysia : RCP RM1,995
East Malaysia : RCP RM2,255

We are pleased to introduce our latest 43” LED Backlight Full HD TV (Model: TLE431), replacing model TLE430. This model comes with 5 Star Efficiency Rating, Full HD Resolution (1920 × 1080P), two USB ports (music/ photo/ movie), three HDMI Inputs and one AV Input.

49” LED Backlight Full HD TV with DVB-T2
Model Number : TLE492
West Malaysia : RCP RM2,495
East Malaysia : RCP RM2,830
Model TLE492  comes with Digital Tuner (DVB-T2),  5 Star  Energy Efficiency  Rating,  two  USB port (music / photo / movie), three  HDMI Inputs  (Input 1  with MHL), one  AV Input, one  YpbPr Input and one Earphone output.