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Kitchen Appliances
4.8L Electric Kettle
Model Number : AK340

Efficient, Save & Safe and Convenience to use in any place especially offices.


1.5L 2-in-1 Blender
Model Number : BL1008

We are pleased to introduce our latest 1.5L 2-in-1 Blender BL1008 replacing HBL135.


Blender 1.5Lit
Model Number : BL150
Professional Hi-Power Blender; BL3100
Model Number : BL3100
Affordable Professional Power Blender with 2200 Watt, Motor Spinning at max 30,000 RPM. Comes with a Tritan BPA-Free Jug (2.0L), Intergrated Aluminium Frame for Motor Housing to improve rigidity (reduce noise & vibration), Safety Magnetic Switch, 6-Leaf Japan Made Stainless Steel Blade, Auto Shut-Off Protection Against Current Overload, Variable Speed Control Dial & Anti Skid rubber support for the base.
Bread Toaster
Model Number : BT750

Bread Toaster can draw from 600 to 1200 watts and make toast from practically any bread product in 1 to 3 minutes.


Coffee Maker
Model Number : CM1002
For just a small amount of money you pay to purchase the machine, you can now enjoy your fine coffee make according to your choice at the comfort of your own home.


Food Steamer
Model Number : FS900
Commercial Rice Cooker
Model Number : GR10
Model Number : HBL100
Hand Mixer
Model Number : HHM211
Hand Mixer
Model Number : HM230
Stand Mixer
Model Number : HSM311
Jar Rice Cooker
Model Number : JC118
Juice Extractor
Model Number : JE1000

1000W Stainless steel powerful juicer with LCD display +84mm Extra-big feeding chute for whole apple.

Jug Kettle (Concealed)
Model Number : JK170C
Jug Kettle
Model Number : JK180S

This 1.8L Stainless Steel Jug Kettle comes with 360° degree rotation makes pouring easier suitable for household use, offices and other working environments.

Automatic Cordless Jug Kettle
Model Number : JK340
1.7L Jug Kettle
Model Number : JK809K

This 1.7L Concealed Jug Kettle comes with 360 degree rotation makes pouring easier suitable for household use, offices and other working environments. 

Mini Cooker
Model Number : MC10
Multi Cooker
Model Number : MC38
Model Number : MC50

5.0L Multi-Cooker with removable non-stick inner pot delivers functions such as cooking, stewing, frying & steamboat.

31 Liters Microwave Oven
Model Number : MG31B

We are pleased to introduce our re-designed 31Lit. Microwave Oven (Model: MG31B), replacing model MG31. This model comes with Concave Reflex System (C.R.S.) for even cooking, 5 Auto Cook Programmes & 4 One Touch Cook Programmes that provide convenience to you.



Pressure Cooker
Model Number : PC602
Provide you with faster, more convenient, healthier way of cooking. It comes along with 2 inner pot and easy to read screen digital display at an affordable price. It allows you to enjoy perfectly-cooked food that not only healthy but also keep your kitchen environment hassle free.
Pressure Cooker
Model Number : PC850
  • Foods are cooked much faster as less water is needed when boiling
  • Heat is evenly and quickly distributed resulting in food being cooked faster and hence saving gas
  • Foods are cooked at temperatures above normal boiling point of water, killing bacteria and viruses, vitamins and minerals are not leached away by water
  • Foods are not over oxidize by excessive air exposure hence retain their taste and bright colour
1.0L Rice Cooker
Model Number : RC102

This 1.0L Rice Cooker is perfect for a small family. Save time and energy to cook with this cute little cooking appliance.

1.0L Rice Cooker
Model Number : RC103

This 1.0L Rice Cooker is perfect for a small family. Save time and energy to cook with this cute little cooking appliance.

Drum Rice Cooker
Model Number : RC221
2.8L Rice Cooker
Model Number : RC285

We are pleased to introduce our latest 2.8L Rice Cooker, replacing model RC283. This 2.8L Rice Cooker is perfect for medium and big family size (about 10 persons). It is user friendly with one touch switch to cook/keep warm.

Drum Rice Cooker
Model Number : RC36
6.5L Slow Cooker
Model Number : SC600C
Stand Mixer
Model Number : SM330
Professional Stand Mixer
Model Number : SM400

With it’s powerful motor, save time when compare to normal mixer.

Sandwich Maker
Model Number : SSM20P
Convenient, quick and easy to use, this sandwich maker is ideal for busy lifestyle and make the perfect kitchen companion.
Electric Thermo Pot
Model Number : TP450
5.0L Thermo Pot
Model Number : TP500
7.0L Hot/Warm Water Dispenser
Model Number : WD7530