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Kitchen Appliances
Stainless Steel Kettle
Model Number : AK339
4.8L Electric Kettle
Model Number : AK340

Efficient, Save & Safe and Convenience to use in any place especially offices.


Blender 1.5Lit
Model Number : BL150
3HP Professional Blender
Model Number : BL3000J



  • Making Ice-Blended, Smoothie & Milk Shake Beverages
  • Crushing Ice In Seconds
  • Grinding Coffee Beans & Nuts
  • Whipping Cream
  • Making High Fibre & Vegetables Juices
  • Milling Grains, Oats, Cereals & Rice Paste


Free 1.5L Jug 

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Professional Hi-Power Blender; BL3100
Model Number : BL3100
Affordable Professional Power Blender with 2200 Watt, Motor Spinning at max 30,000 RPM. Comes with a Tritan BPA-Free Jug (2.0L), Intergrated Aluminium Frame for Motor Housing to improve rigidity (reduce noise & vibration), Safety Magnetic Switch, 6-Leaf Japan Made Stainless Steel Blade, Auto Shut-Off Protection Against Current Overload, Variable Speed Control Dial & Anti Skid rubber support for the base.