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16" Auto Fan
Model Number : AF161
Commercial Fan
Model Number : CF180

18" Commercial Fan come with 5 blades to comfort you with stronger air flow suitable for large space like restaurants, offices, opening space, schools and etc.


16" Stand Fan
Model Number : HSF116S

We are pleased to introduce our latest 16" Stand Fan (Model: HSF116S), replacing model HSF116.

16" Table Fan
Model Number : HTF216

Stay cool and fresh throughout the day with Singer latest tendy look 16" Table Fan. The 3 Speeds with Left-Right oscillation enable air flow to reach many area of the room.


16" Wall Fan
Model Number : WF16
18'' Industrial Wall Fan
Model Number : WF18

This 18” Wall Fan is able to cool any room of any size. The automatic smooth oscillation ensures every part of the room is covered with cooling goodness. Unlike other type of fans, the wall fan is by far the most space saving without taking up any floor space at all. It has a built-in thermal fuse as safety feature. The fuse will cut off power whenever it detects the fan is overheating.