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All-in Direct-drive, High Speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
Model Number : 2531D001-4 / 2542D022-5 / 2552D063-5

A new Generation of High Speed All-in Direct Drive Overlock machines.

These highly advanced performance machines are durable and reliable in construction, design and components used. Able to produce delicately beautiful seams with minimal deficiencies, user will enjoy higher productivity translating to increase in profitability.

Equipped with built-in Direct-Drive Servo Motor,  this system realizes quick starting and accurate stopping of the machine and also can save up to 70% of electricity as compared to ordinary machines.

High Speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
Model Number : 2531M / 2542M / 2552M

This popular overlock machine is not only smoother & more powerful; it comes with improved durability and reliability. The result is higher quality sewing seams, suitable over a wide range of cloth materials even at higher speed.