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Health Products
Air Sterilizer
Model Number : AS38
ENVIPRO 3-Stage Nano-BioWAVE Cigarette Filter
Model Number : CS6

Introducing the latest Patented 3-Stage Filtration Cigarette Filter using Nano-BIOWAVE Technology CS6 under ENVIPRO brand available through Singer distribution channel.



SAN'O 5-Stage UF Membrane Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water Purification System
Model Number : HA28
We are pleased  to introduce the latest 5-Stage UF Membrane Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water Purification System, Model HA28 under our own in-house brand, SAN’O. Comes with 5 Comprehensive Cartridges, including a UF Membrane Filter with BACK-WASH feature to ensure odourless, clean pure drinking water every time. The end result is continuous pleasant Alkaline Drinking Water infused with Hydrogen anytime in the comfort of your home or office.
O3 Wash Hydro Power Water Purifier
Model Number : O3W


  • Eliminate organic pesticides and chemicals from fruits and vegetables
  • Detoxify chemicals from meat, chicken including fish and seafood
  • Remove fishy and other odour, good for food preservation
  • Ideal for rinsing clothes, mopping floors, wiping kitchen area, bathroom and etc.
  • Suitable for skin / facial / hair cleansing & acts as mouth wash for ulcers/bad breath
  • Using ozone water to shower pets (eg. Cat/dog) can eliminate parasite/fleas while deodorizing to remove odour
  • Act as disinfectant by removing waterborne pathogens and volatile organic compounds like ammonia & chlorine
  • Relief from athletes foot or just enjoy a foot spa, right at home
  • Due to its natural oxygen, good for aquarium fish whilst fresh flower lasts longer 
  • Effective for killing germs, bacteria and virus e.g. E. Coli up to 99%
  • Easy to install, non-electrical/no wiring needed
  • Reduce energy usage and improve water savings
  • Maintenance-free with no serviceable parts, no replacement filters etc.
  • Selectable mode (On/Off) for convenience and no plumbing required
  • Totally safe to use as ozone output is limited to 70-80mg/hour. Exposure to high concentration of ozone can be harmful to health, especially when used daily
  • AC/DC power adaptor needed for low water pressure use (optional)
  • An environmentally friendly green product and its portable
  • Comes with ONE(1) year warranty against manufacturing defect 
OKAi Midea Hot & Cold Alkaline Water Filtration System
Model Number : OKM63

We are pleased to introduce the latest Hot & Cold Alkaline Water Filtration System, model OKM63 Under OKAi Midea. With 3 different Filters in 3-Stage Water Filtration System gives Alkaline Quality Drinking Water, coupled with Hot & Cold Water Dispenser.

SAN´O Sand Media POE Water Filtration System (Model: PWF1044)
Model Number : PWF1044
SAN´O Sand Media POE Water Filtration System (Model: PWF1044).
With  US  quality  Fibre  Reinforced  Plastic  (FRP)  Filter  body  tank  and  proven  3-way  Multi  Port Valve , you can be assured of our quality reliability. Coupled  with  4-layers  of  Microcite  (TM)  Media  carefully  mixed  in  the  ideal  composition  for optimum performance.
Singer LifeStraw Home 1.0 Storage Water Purifier
Model Number : SLCT01
  • 3 Stages Filtration Process
  • Safe, Clean & Pure Drinking Water
  • Long Life Catridge
  • Non-Electric Water Purifier
  • No Need Installation