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Health Products
Air Sterilizer
Model Number : AS38
LifeStraw Go
Model Number : LSGO
  • Outdoor Use
  • Filtration Process
  • Safe, Clean & Pure Drinking Water
  • Long Life Catridge
  • Meet US EPA & FDA Standard
O3 Wash Hydro Power Water Purifier
Model Number : O3W


  • Eliminate organic pesticides and chemicals from fruits and vegetables
  • Detoxify chemicals from meat, chicken including fish and seafood
  • Remove fishy and other odour, good for food preservation
  • Ideal for rinsing clothes, mopping floors, wiping kitchen area, bathroom and etc.
  • Suitable for skin / facial / hair cleansing & acts as mouth wash for ulcers/bad breath
  • Using ozone water to shower pets (eg. Cat/dog) can eliminate parasite/fleas while deodorizing to remove odour
  • Act as disinfectant by removing waterborne pathogens and volatile organic compounds like ammonia & chlorine
  • Relief from athletes foot or just enjoy a foot spa, right at home
  • Due to its natural oxygen, good for aquarium fish whilst fresh flower lasts longer 
  • Effective for killing germs, bacteria and virus e.g. E. Coli up to 99%
  • Easy to install, non-electrical/no wiring needed
  • Reduce energy usage and improve water savings
  • Maintenance-free with no serviceable parts, no replacement filters etc.
  • Selectable mode (On/Off) for convenience and no plumbing required
  • Totally safe to use as ozone output is limited to 70-80mg/hour. Exposure to high concentration of ozone can be harmful to health, especially when used daily
  • AC/DC power adaptor needed for low water pressure use (optional)
  • An environmentally friendly green product and its portable
  • Comes with ONE(1) year warranty against manufacturing defect 
SAN´O Sand Media POE Water Filtration System (Model: PWF1044)
Model Number : PWF1044
SAN´O Sand Media POE Water Filtration System (Model: PWF1044).
With  US  quality  Fibre  Reinforced  Plastic  (FRP)  Filter  body  tank  and  proven  3-way  Multi  Port Valve , you can be assured of our quality reliability. Coupled  with  4-layers  of  Microcite  (TM)  Media  carefully  mixed  in  the  ideal  composition  for optimum performance.
Singer LifeStraw Home 1.0 Storage Water Purifier
Model Number : SLCT01
  • 3 Stages Filtration Process
  • Safe, Clean & Pure Drinking Water
  • Long Life Catridge
  • Non-Electric Water Purifier
  • No Need Installation