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Half Leather
Half Leather Sofa
Model Number : Rome

We are pleased to announce our new set of Half Leather Sofa, Rome of 1+2 Seater, 1+3 Seater, and 1+2+3 Seater. We also provide selection with individual item which are 1 Seater, 2 Seater & 3 Seater. Our purpose is to give you more option to select sofa combination base on your budget and living room space. 

1/2 Leather
Model Number : SUAVE
  • Half Leather Sofa Set.
  • Dimension :L835 (1), L1419(2), L2003(3) x D925 x T1010.
  • Colour : Dark Brown
1/2 Leather
Model Number : TORINO
  • Half Leather Sofa Set.
  • Dimension :L930 (1), L1300(2), L2040(3) x D900 x T1040.
  • Colour : Black