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Audio System
Model Number : AS251
West Malaysia : RCP RM2,395
East Malaysia : RCP RM2,635

We are pleased to announce our new BGM Amplifier & Speaker Model (AS251) to replace AS250.It’s designed to deliver premium performance, impressive sound  quality  and robustly build for outdoor purpose or commercial used. This replacement model comes with a higher Power Output and Bluetooth Antenna


SHARP Portable Party Speaker System (Model:PS920)
Model Number : PS920
West Malaysia : RCP RM750
East Malaysia : RCP RM795
Portable Party Speaker  System  Model PS920 comes  with  Built-in  Rechargeable  Battery,  FM  Tuner,  Equalizer  Preset,  Bass  Boost Effect, Bluetooth,  USB  Playback (x2), Mic Input (x2), Audio  Input  (x1), Synchronize LED Disco Lights and Sound Output Power 60 Watt RMS.